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GLC is a premier and specialized online tutoring service and personal homework assistant which works with students from Kindergarten to 12th Grade.

We provide personalized online home instruction in all core subjects by aligning with the curriculum of your child's school.

Your child is sure to improve their independent learning skills as they work in a 1 to 1 environment with our highly trained staff who create lessons that are specialized to meet your child’s needs.

GLC provides parents with a level of comfort and confidence in knowing that their child is engaged with a professional, completing relevant tasks and spending their screen time effectively. Virtually, our tutors foster meaningful connections with your child that are sure to aid in the overall goal of creating a life long learner.

We offer flexible schedules and accommodate all types of learners.

Enrichment Opportunities and Homeschool Enhancement

Our trained and accomplished educators will work individually with your child to maximize their abilities in the ever-important area of Coding and Computer Programming. Typically, we begin this unit of study with Block Based Coding, and work up through Java and Python. Ultimately, we help your child enhance their coding capabilities and confidence.

While the Covid-19 Virus has, undoubtedly, had a negative impact on our young learners, GLC can provide the opportunity to fill in the learning gaps. Our one-to-one tutors connect with your child and create a personalized learning experience that is sure to bring the joy back to learning.

It is possible that your child’s only virtual learning experience has been in a group of sometimes up to 30 other students. Allow GLC to cater to your child’s needs with our one-to-one tutoring services. Our uniquely designed programs are sure to foster a sense of confidence in your child as they work to improve in all content areas.

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Enrichment Opportunities and Homeschool Enhancement

One Tutor to One Student

Our tutors are able to build a rapport with your child which will instill an intrinsic motivation that is nearly impossible to foster in a large group setting.

Courses Offered

GLC works with children from kindergarten through high school.
With our personalized tutoring programs, we are able to assist in all areas of study.

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